3. Most important facets of the writing,

F. Scott Fitzgerald is an important name amongst American authors. His life and his work were synonymous. Many of his most reputable writings are almost autobiographical. Short stories like "Babylon Revisited" and The Great Gatsby remain as important literary and social fixtures of the time. Fitzgerald's work can be seen in many lights as a commentary and criticism of his own life, and of that society disillusioned American values.

F. Scott Fitzgerald's work was intensely modern. As an author in the aftermath of Victorianism, his writings were fresh in the way he used a common vernacular. He wrote dialogue the way people spoke, and his message was real and relatable to a modern audience. Fitzgerald spoke to an audience of fragmented peoples. They were feeling disillusioned, and untrusting of a shallow America. F. Scott epitomized their need for a return to value.

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