9. Design five potential paper topics.

1. One of Fitzgerald’s major themes in his work is corruption. Who and what represents corruption in The Great Gatsby? How does the setting of the story portray corruption in American society?

2. If The Great Gatsby is the “greatest American novel ever written,” what does it say about 1920s society? How does the 1920s version of the American Dream compare to how it was portrayed in the novel? Is this different than today’s version?

3. Describe the correlation between various characters’ emotional or spiritual states of being with their physical well-being. Are the physically sick characters ones who suffer from emotional sickness, as well? Or can some characters hide their emotional or spiritual states?

4. Charlie has to take a physical journey to Paris in order to see his daughter in Babylon Revisited. How is this journey similar and how is it different from the emotional journey he takes? What do the characters he meets along the way contribute to his journey?

5. Describe the concept of beauty as portrayed by Fitzgerald in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. How does society define beauty? How is it defined by those affected by Benjamin’s case?

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